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Urge Your Members to Take Action Against Increased Tariffs

In March 2018 President Donald Trump enacted tariffs on all steel and aluminum imported into the United States. These have negatively affect the growing RV Industry. The scope of the steel and aluminum tariffs that have been enacted is far too broad to have the intended effect and will only create new challenges for American businesses while benefiting foreign competitors. Contact your Congress members and urge action against these tariffs. Steel and aluminum tariffs negatively impact U.S. RV production in several ways: 1. The tariffs will have a significant adverse impact on domestic manufacturers who use steel and aluminum through increased production costs. 2. Domestic steel and aluminum supplier costs have already risen as a result of the tariffs causing domestic component prices to increase. 3. The Section 232 tariffs indirectly subsidize RV Industry Association members’ foreign competitors. Consumer prices of RVs are already nearly 10% greater than a year ago. Again, contact your Congress members and urge action against these tariffs.